The Orphan | Sean of the South

Sean delivers the story about his deep-rooted fear of doctors, doctor-exam fainting spells, and about medical angel who spent life as an orphan, but grew up to be an exceptional human. Music by The Sweetwater String Band.


Sweetwater String Band was founded in the Eastern Sierra of California. Beginning with a gig at their local bar, the band quickly found themselves on the biggest stage in the area less than a year later at the Millpond Music Festival. 

Their music deals with serious issues such as mountaintop removal coal mining, workers rights, and finding middle ground in todays divided political arena. This seriousness is balanced by ghost stories, drinking songs, improvised jams, and tales from the long, lonesome road. One critic describes their latest album River of Rhymes as: “a work of both intimacy and wide-scale, cinematic vistas…instantly likeable, a truly worthy listen. The songs are great, their playing immaculate, and their approach and subject matters fascinating.”

For more info, visit: Sweetwater Stringband’s Site

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