Baptist Camping Trip | Sean of the South

The men’s Baptist Bible-study class takes their annual camping trip to Oak Mountain State Park with all the fun they can stand, jam-packed into one very memorable weekend. Traditional bluegrass music by Hayfever.


Hay Fever is a bluegrass ensemble whose members grew up under the same yawning Canadian prairie sky but with wildly different musical upbringings. Their union in studio and on stage has produced a dynamic, peerless sound: naked and yearning at turns, bright and plucky at others, coloured with jazz, blues, folk and rock influences.

In their debut album The River, a collection of dark acoustic folk songs tinged with blues, Hay Fever explores the physical and emotional landscape of the Canadian prairies, unafraid to peer into the more troubling corners of the human experience.

For more info on Hayfever visit: Hayfever
To buy Hayfever’s music, visit their iTunes Store

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