Easter Angels | Sean of the South

Easter down South is no small event. Such a holiday means music, preaching, eating, and getting haircuts in a single-wide trailer by a woman who isn’t like the rest of the flock. Sean takes the listener into the country, and tells a tale of Miss Tilly. Music by RockyGrass Bluegrass Competition winners, the Wooks.


The Wooks are the real thing. A collection of musicians whose sensitivity leads them to translate the sights and sounds of the people, hills, bars, roads, and creeks around them into songs and shows that captivate. With both respect for their heritage and innovative originality, The Wooks are the natural evolution of a sound that has always been there.

For more info on the Wooks, visit: Wook Out America.com

To buy the Wook’s music, visit their web store

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