Kansas | Sean of the South

Prairies, wheat, and small towns no bigger than area rugs. Sean visits the land of his father and meets strangers along the way, discovering who he came from, and how life isn’t all that different over in Kansas. Music by Kansas’ own Truckstop Honeymoon.


Hollering with all their hearts over a five-string banjo and a doghouse bass, Truckstop Honeymoon lives the life they sing about. Touring across three continents with four kids and a truckload of songs, Katie and Mike West tell stories about the strangeness of everyday life. Their music combines elements of bluegrass, music hall jazz and straight up rock’n’roll. Vaudevillian wit and showmanship spike their energetic live shows, while the honesty of their songs touches the hearts of listeners around the world.

For more info, visit: Truckstop Honeymoon.com

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