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Heartfelt, energetic, and down home. Heralded by CMT Edge as “one of the most promising bands on the bluegrass scene,” the music of the Nashville based group The Barefoot Movement is as down to earth as their intention for members of their audience: sit back, relax, take your shoes off, and stay a while. All the worries and frustrations of the world melt away as this charming, acoustic band takes listeners back to a simpler place and time. Whether you’re seeking emotional ballads or rip-roaring barn-burners, you can expect a collection of music that offers something for everyone. 

For more info vist: The Barefoot Movement

2 comments on “Methodist Angels | Sean of the South

  1. Unkle Kenny says:

    mrs Cindy got me programed on this site. it works better than the other one that would stop a lot. well this evening at 600 the class of 78 will shuffle into Old towne located in malvern. i could kick myself for not inviten y’all. you see i was low man on totum pole , that ain’t much. But i am not scared and certanly not proud of my school work. i have never been called upon to name all the capitals of all the states and still don’t know what a predicate nomative is , sounds like a socal deasese to me. have not seen most of those folks in the last 40 years, probably will see them less in the next 40. great show today oh squirrelly nephew , thank i would join you if i get a chance. but now i do love me some fried squirrels. thanks for announcement you done . iou . yours truely Unkle Kenny

  2. Dennis Tillery says:

    Just stumbled upon your show and have since been binge listening to your shows. The music and stories are great. I look forward to catching a live show soon.

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