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Poundcake Lady | Sean of the South

Of women, and church potluck tables, and the cake revered by many, Sean tells the story of the women who cook poundcake. Music by California Feetwarmers.

Kindness | Sean of the South

Sean tells the story of under-confident children from different worlds, writing letters, and delivering kindness. Music by Jake and Rebekah Workman.

Methodist Angels | Sean of the South

Sean tells the story of a third-grader who has a knack for poetry, and a tale of angels from the Methodist tradition. Music by The Barefoot Movement.

Happy | Sean of the South

Happiness is an old dog who doesn’t know a stranger, and a Baptist foot-washing service. Music by Hot October.

Mama | Sean of the South

The season draws to a close and it is the end of summer blessings. Sean delivers a tale of his mother, and the gentle wisdom she offered. Music by the Wildmans.

Happy Anniversary | Sean of the South

The 50th episode of Sean of the South, live at the Mount Vernon Theater in Tallassee, Alabama, with foot-stomping music played on the same stage where Hank Williams performed. Music by the Goat Hill String Band.

A Daddy’s Love | Sean of the South

The love between a father and his girl—a late bloomer who finds her own way in life. Music by Hearts Gone South.

Believe | Sean of the South

Hear Sean talk about life as he knows it as he tells part of his own story, and how peanuts and Coca-Cola are more than just a pastime. Musical guest, Hayfever Bluegrass.

Love Songs | Sean of the South

Sean tells the story about love, second chances, and small weddings in clapboard meeting houses. Music by Haywire Bluegrass Band.

Life is Good | Sean of the South

Sean delivers the story of two young men headed for Montgomery, on their own for their first time. Music by Stuart Mason and Little Black Train.