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Essays From a Turbulent World | Sean of the South

Listen this week as Sean enters the studio to read current essays he's written about the turbulent world we are living in.

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Guitar Guy | Sean of the South

Just Sean and his antique guitar, filling the studio with the earsplitting sounds of truly mediocre music, singing several songs you've probably heard before, maybe a few that you...

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Old Recipes | Sean of the South

Sean talks about his favorite subject; Food. Poundcake, pimento cheese, deviled eggs, and congealed salads. Special guest, his mother-in-law.

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O When the Saints | Sean of the South

A good old time is had by all on a Northwestern Florida Friday night with special guest Lana May, playing clarinet with the band, and Floyd the barber trimming...

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Mother’s Day | Sean of the South

Celebrate Mother's Day with Sean and friends who are in the studio playing special songs and hymns, and reading stories that were sent in from listeners from around the...

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Quarantine Special | Sean of the South

Sean reads the mail from people around the U.S. who played in last week's book give-away contest, those who have been quarantining due to coronavirus. He also welcomes a...

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Mayberry, U.S.A. | Sean of the South

Take a trip to Mayberry, North Carolina, with Sean and the gang, listen while Sean gets a haircut from Floyd the barber, and chat with noted Andy Griffith Show...

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The Old West | Sean of the South

Sean salutes the old West, Texans, Mexico, and those whose lives have been touched by childhood cancer, giving you a sure fire method for becoming a legitimate cowboy. Music...

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Happy Easter | Sean of the South

Easter Sunday is upon us, and so is a quarantine, but that can't change the beauty of springtime. Music by the Pressley sister.

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I Heart Weddings | Sean of the South

For the hopeless romantic in you, Sean describes a simple wedding. Musical guest Caleb Edwards.

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