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Waffle House Angels | Sean of the South

Waffle House is the place to find truckers, late-night drunks, and angels wearing aprons who are just trying to make it in this tough world. Sean tells the story...

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The Orphan | Sean of the South

Sean delivers the story about his deep-rooted fear of doctors, doctor-exam fainting spells, and about medical angel who spent life as an orphan, but grew up to be an...

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Church Music | Sean of the South

Sean tells a story about olden times, white-haired preachers, poundcake women, old fellowship halls, and wooden churches that make the old music of childhood. Music by Gallatin Canyon.

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I Saw the Light | Sean of the South

The ghost of Hank Williams is alive and well, and visits in Montgomery with his fans, friends, and allies. The life of Hank is still felt, and so it...

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Humbled | Sean of the South

Humbled, that's what we are. Humbled to announce our 25th episode, with letters from listeners, and stories from old mom-and-pop diners on the road. Music by Backline Bluegrass, in...

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Baptist Camping Trip | Sean of the South

The men's Baptist Bible-study class takes their annual camping trip to Oak Mountain State Park with all the fun they can stand, jam-packed into one very memorable weekend. Traditional...

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