Nic Zuppardi. Adam Clark and Joe Hartley join forces as Clark Zuppardi Hartley, blending original compositions infused with a passion for foot-stomping bluegrass and old time music with traditional songs and tunes. Seasoned instrumentalists in their own right, the trio have developed their own unique sound with mandolin, guitar, banjo and double bass. They are dedicated to crafting fine acoustic music with soul, spontaneity, drive and exhilarating improvisation.

Visit: Clark Zupardi Hartley’s Site.


2 comments on “Humble Beginnings | Sean of the South


    We love you just the way you are. Keep on making us cry, think about who we are, & laugh.

  2. Linda Moon says:

    Jack on the ill-fated Titanic figured out where to start with the silverware. He went down with the ship along with most of the rest of those aspic-eaters, God rest their souls. YOU WILL NOT GO DOWN, so keep on eatin’ anyway you want to!

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