His musical background is almost as diverse as his job history. He played in terrible rock bands in college at App State in Boone NC, where he also learned a deep respect for Doc Watson, Mississippi John Hurt. He then attended Bluegrass school at ETSU in Johnson City TN, where he continued to play in terrible rock, and bluegrass bands, and write some okay songs, and some really awful ones. Then, by law you have to move to Nashville TN, to continue to write some crummy songs, and play more terrible music, and work some really terrible jobs. Then you’ve made it. And you’re Matt Sellars. 

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  1. Linda Moon says:

    YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE. I learned that song in 5th grade, and By Golly, after all these years it’s still true! I’ll be listening for Matt Sellars’ music from another era that reflects my good taste in music and podcasts from Mister Of The South!!

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