Beer Joints | Sean of the South

Sean is back, and this time he’s in the studio, talking to himself for the entertainment of none. You have to worry about a guy who talks to himself. Music by Hope Griffin.


Born in Anchorage, Alaska, Hope Griffin was literally born into music. Surrounded by a musical family, she began singing and performing when she was very young. Hope first got turned onto the idea of writing her own music when she received a guitar at age 17. She attended Carson-Newman University and went on to become a fixture in Asheville, North Carolina, where she began introducing her angelic vocals and folky lyrics into the music scene. Visit: Hope Griffin Music.

One comment on “Beer Joints | Sean of the South

  1. H J Patterson says:

    Sean, The stories are still and always will be great but I really miss the audience and their reactions. Please don’t give up recording some musings on the road in front of all your fans.

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