From the Monroe Brothers to Cherryholmes, family bands have always been integral to the fabric of bluegrass music. The Family Sowell are looking to add themselves to that great tradition. Hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee, they are already gaining a reputation as a hard-working, fun-loving family, who are sure to put on an energetic show. Winners of the prestigious 2019 SPBGMA band contest, The Family Sowell are looking to carve out their own place in today’s bluegrass music scene.  Visit: The Family Sowell’s website.

7 comments on “Mayberry, U.S.A. | Sean of the South


    Sean, that song was beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Tim Bradshaw says:

    I enjoyed this podcast very much ! Nothing like Mayberry Family. Enjoyed the two part interview, one with Floyd one with Allan. Both were very interesting, like the show itself, it never gets old! Been a fan of TAGS since was a child as I watched the series when it was first aired on prime time. We can not have to much Mayberry in our lives, especially NOW! Thanks for doing this. The whole podcast was great as well as the music. I though it was so cool that you had background sound during the Floyd portion, it added depth to the interview and the sound is so rich and beautiful though and through. Now, I have to go for now and do my best to “Act Like Somebody”

  3. Eric Lowry says:

    Wonderful to hear Allan “Floyd” Newsome on your podcast. I know you’re a fan of The Andy Griffith Show, but, I hope you know that lots of us Mayberry folks are fans of your podcasts and writing. Thanks for all you do to entertain and touch our hearts.

  4. Dick Villard says:

    AWESOME Podcast Sean!…Those of us who are Mayberry fans understand why Mayberry has such a SPECIAL place in our hearts. It takes us back to the days when times were simpler and gentler.
    That is why we try to pass the “Spirit of Mayberry” to others…Thanks to you and Allan for taking the time in spreading the happiness to others, especially during these difficult times…

  5. Linda Moon says:

    I like to turn my radio on, but I prefer these podcasts to radio. You might have just coined a new word….your “quarantine” sounded like “corontine” which could be rooted in Corona in my imagination and fascination with words. I like what I hear with that dialect of yours, somewhere between the mid-west and the deep-south. Don’t let those caller-outers make you speak any differently! What a great afternoon I had here where the sun’s been out on the sunny side of my large window and LIFE while I listened to the Family Sowell, Floyd the Barber, and you!

  6. Rebecca Spears says:

    Sean, I love your writing and now I love your interviewing skills. That was a great interview with Allan Newsome and Floyd. Allan and his wife Jan do so much for the Mayberry community. He is incredibly talented and does so many things behind the scene without fanfare or recognition, as does Jan. Thank you for introducing him and the wonderful Mayberry community to your listeners. Mayberry is more than a fictional town or a destination. It is a state of mind, a state of kindness, selflessness, neighborly love, and seeking the good in others. It’s not really a place you visit, but rather a destination you find yourself in. It’s not a tourist destination, but rather an atmosphere you share. It is not imaginary, but visionary. And once you meet another person who gets the Mayberry effect, you become instant friends. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing and the gift of Mayberry. There is truly no friend like a Mayberry friend.

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