Laney Lou and the Bird Dogs are an energetic Americana-Folk band that infuses four-part harmonies, engaging songwriting, and rock-n-roll drive into a modern approach to traditional folk music.
The Bird Dogs have been taking their infectious sound on the road since 2013, sharing stages with the likes of The Travelin McCoury’s, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Jeff Austin Band, Amy Helm, Leftover Salmon, The Infamous Stringdusters, ¬†Billy Strings, Blitzen Trapper and many more.

Visit: Laney Lou and the Bird Dogs.

4 comments on “Quarantine Special | Sean of the South

  1. Sherri Hulsey says:

    Loved it.

  2. Bonny Keheley says:

    Oh, my goodness…Leaning on the Everlasting Arms got me! So poignant, simple, touching…thank you!

  3. Marsha L Wigren says:

    What a wonderful surprise to hear my name and Benny’s on your podcast tonight. I’m a true Pacific Northwest gal and Ben is from Louisiana and why we clicked I don’t know. I met him at the grocery store I worked at and I’d like to say our relationship was smooth sailing from then on but that’s not what happened. He left for Mississippi about 4 months into our friendship to fulfill a promise to his sister to help her get her chicken farm up and running. I visited when I could and fell in love with his family. He made his way back to Washington 2 years later and bought a place about 30 minutes from my home. Now it was his turn to wait for me. Dad was passing from brain cancer and I had made a promise to him to take care of Mom. Mom went to be with Dad about a decade later and my daughter was now grown enough to start out on her own. Finally Ben and I were married and we had almost 5 good years before Alzheimer’s started taking pieces of him away. When he had his stroke I was hoping to care for him at home but after working with his therapists I finally had to admit that it was more than I could do alone. Now he lives in a wonderful family home in my home town and I live in the home we shared. Not sure where I was planning on going with this but maybe I just needed to thank you for sharing our story and the other stories tonight. We will be alright when this is over and hugging just a little bit longer.

  4. Mike DuBois says:

    Hay Sean How are you doing This is Mike DuBois from WR Case Picking up any good Knives lately. Case has been shut down for the last 6 week got 2 more week to go I hope Stay safe my friend

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