Join Sean in the studio on a Friday night as he talks about his favorite subject; Food. Poundcake, pimento cheese, deviled eggs, beans, greens, and even congealed salads. Special guest, his mother-in-law, making a popular recipe.

2 comments on “Old Recipes | Sean of the South

  1. Keloth Anne says:

    Tonight was another great one.
    I loved hearing Mother Mary talk us through making pear salad and her funny pet raccoon story🤣. And you know I love hearing your stories and songs♥️
    And hearing Helen Taylor Andrews’ name called out over the airwaves was incredible ♥️
    Thanks for making Friday nights fun🥰
    Love you both

  2. Linda Moon says:

    Lots of my Aunts made those kind of Pound Cakes you talked about, Sean. I believe my Aunt Tiny Vassar Cox made the best of them….but don’t tell the others who are already there in the Sweet By And By. When I’m there with them and my funeral is taking place, I’ve already invited you to sing “Beulah Land” and to say Words over me. Now, I’m adding an invitation to whoever played that solo piano rendition from this podcast to show up at my funeral, too…..but not anytime soon!! In the meantime, I’ll listen to this podcast again to remind me of Pound Cake and listen to that piano solo!

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