Just Sean and his little antique guitar, filling the studio with the earsplitting sounds of truly mediocre music, singing several songs you’ve probably heard before, maybe a few that you haven’t. 

5 comments on “Guitar Guy | Sean of the South

  1. Debra says:

    Can’t wait. Since I’ve been listening I have really enjoyed them.

  2. Helen Taylor Andrews says:

    Although I loved last week’s podcast because #1 you said my name, #2 you read my ‘mater gravy’ recipe, I think this show is the best! It reminded me so much of days gone by when I’d be at home with my mama & daddy & my sis and we’d be singing and playing. Daddy played the guitar and would ramble through all the songs he knew. We had a piano and my sis and I played (she plays much better than me). Mama played an accordion and we’d all sing. The house would ring with mostly gospel songs and sometimes the old Carter tunes as well. Daddy loved Chet Atkins so he played much in his style or his own thumbpicking style. This show took me back in time…
    Also, talking about the baseball, it took me back to the days of watching baseball on TV when my favorite, Greg ‘Mad Dog’ Maddux, would pitch and my late hubby and I would yell and scream loud as though Greg could actually hear us from Ozark to Atlanta…
    Loved the podcast and would love more of the same…
    Love to y’all both,
    Helen Taylor Andrews

  3. Janice Hagen says:

    Enjoyed your tunes..

  4. Kinda Jo says:

    Nice show tonight. Really enjoyed it. Thank you.

  5. Danny Henderson says:

    Hi Sean,
    Well done Sir! Your songs, stories and guitar playing makes for some good listening.

    I am a fan of the country blues. I expect Mr. Roy [ Bookbinder ] would say to you he likes the way you took “Hesitation Blues” and made it into your own. As for your style of playing, I can hear the influences of the masters, Mississippi John Hurt, Blind Willie McTell, Blind Blake – perhaps some via Roy Bookbinder?. Oops, maybe a touch or two of Blind Lemon Jefferson ? I like the way you incorporate in some jazz voicngs and progressions, nice touch.

    A small correction if I may.. The music historians pretty much have it that Blind Willie McTell ( McTier real family name) came from Georgia. Perhaps you might have been thinking of Blind Blake? It is widely acknowledged that he came up out of Florida.

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