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Spencer & Rains have performed and taught nationally and internationally, preserving and building upon the traditions of their region. The husband and wife duo are known for their twin fiddle harmony, which is a product of the influence of midwestern Scandinavian fiddlers Tricia heard as a child.  At the same time,  Howard’s distinct repertoire reintroduces listeners to the pre-contest styles of Texas fiddling. That same sense of harmony is in their vocals, as well. And is an unmistakable harkening back into the antique past. 

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  1. Patricia Smith says:

    Loved every minute of your broadcast…The vivid descriptions of people and places, the requests folks made for why you should see their town, the unique music presented by Spencer and Rains and most of all your description of the traveling the road making music…Only thing I would disagree with is your statement that you are not an artist….You are a multi-faceted artist of the very best kind…:)

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