This week, Sean records from a cow pasture on the Florida-Alabama line, and reads some first-date stories sent in by listeners, with special guest Joe Ewers and his historic reenacting band of merry men from the South Carolina string band. 

2 comments on “Florida Cows | Sean of the South

  1. Keloth Anne says:

    This was just wonderful—you and Jamie are such inspirations and bring smiles and happiness to so many! Love you both ♥️♥️

  2. Connie Marston says:

    Sean, what a beautiful Podcast this was! Thank you so much for reading my first date story. (Coop01lovesbooks) I loved hearing everyone’s you read, but especially yours and Jamie’s.
    Love is special and I see it with you and Jamie. I pray each day to find that. God’s timing though
    I guess.

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