Southern Raised, a group of award winning musicians, trained in classical but raised in the bluegrass. They have created a trademark sound wherein classical meets bluegrass and city streets meets country roads. You will hear Beethoven’s 5th like never B4, as the two genres become one. Collectively they have received nominations from Singing News Fan Awards, Diamond Awards, Front Porch Fellowship and a staggering 32 SPBGMA Midwest nominations, including Bass Performer of the Year. Visit the Southern Raised website. 

3 comments on “The Little Town | Sean of the South

  1. Awesome musicians! What a great way to start to show.

  2. Linda Moon says:

    …got interrupted by a “SOCIAL MEDIA” (now that’s an oxymoron for ya’) gremlin while listening last night…will listen again later!

  3. Linda Moon says:

    The gremlin is gone with my help and a few choice words, too. My Guy and I listened just now. Here’s a story from the one of us who’s from North Alabama: a sibling, 1 of 12 refurbished a barn and made it into a home for his family after he married. So, when someone asked his son after he became an adult if he was raised in a barn, he would answer, “As a matter of fact, I was!” All us “Southern Raised” should be proud, and we love their music! Thank you, Sean, for taking us on your Journey with Jane, and then Daddy. Keep looking up, Sean.

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