Sean Dietrich

Daddy’s Guitar | Sean of the South

An old instrument, and the sentimental value it holds. Sean tells the story of the guitar he plays, and how he almost lost it. Music by the Sowell Family.

Forgive Me | Sean of the South

It’s the time of year for resolutions, Sean delivers a story about accidental meetings with people you once knew. Music by the Hot Club of Cowtown.

My Little Sister | Sean of the South

A story about growing up, and about the siblings who help us do it. Sean delivers the story of being a big brother. Music by Big Cedar Fever.

A New Year | Sean of the South

Sean delivers the story of a new year, an Episcopal church, and a few people he’s known. Music by Steam Machine.

Charlie Brown Christmas | Sean of the South

The spirit of Christmas can be found in shopping malls if you are lucky, or in a group of singing children if you are even luckier. Music by the Savannah Children’s Choir.

Silent Night | Sean of the South

The story of a Christmas remembered, a few songs of yore, and candlelights that make it all worth remembering. Music by the Corn Potato String Band.

Christmas Angels | Sean of the South

A tale of kindness at Christmas, and the unlikely heroes who are thoughtful enough to make the holiday what it is. Music by Martha Spencer.

O Holy Night | Sean of the South

Sean delivers the story of people who struggle against each day, and the unexpected visitors they get at Christmas. Music by Adam Kiesling.

Happy Thanksgiving | Sean of the South

Sean tells a personal story about what makes a boy want to become a writer, and what makes a man want to become a columnist. Music by Cocek! Brass Band.

Give Thanks | Sean of the South

Thanksgiving comes early for those with scattered families, Sean delivers the story of one such holiday. Music by the Misty Mountain String Band.