Sean Dietrich

Good Old Story | Sean of the South

Sean tells the story of trying, failing, and about the saving grace of a fall day. Music by Admiral Radio.

Bed and Breakfast | Sean of the South

The rest found in a getaway bed and breakfast and the tight-knit places that remind us of home and childhood. Music by Jay Maloney.

Porch Sitting | Sean of the South

The gentle pleasures of sitting on a front porch in Western Florida, on the Choctawhatchee Bay. The easy conversations and the things people say among family. Music by Bailey Bigger.

Sunday Morning | Sean of the South

Sean tells the tales of the traditions practiced on any given Sunday, and all the small things that are fading away. Music by Tricia Spencer and Howard Rains.

Where the Redhead Grows | Sean of the South

The tale of a redhead learning who he is, Sean delivers a story that you will forget for the rest of your life. Music by Mile Twelve.

Good Friends | Sean of the South

The story of boys and girls, and teenage romance, and the friends that get us through our awkward moments. Music by the Pressley Sisters.

Family Reunion | Sean of the South

Sean delivers the story about a family reunion on the bay, and the downhome food that goes with it. Music by Simon Robinson.

O Florida | Sean of the South

Welcome to West Florida, a giant swamp with more memories than you can shake a stick at. Music by Redwood River Band.

Antique Phones | Sean of the South

Sean tells a story about the slow and docile world that came before smart phones and computers. Music by Big Cedar Fever.

The Newspaper | Sean of the South

Sean recounts the story of his younger days, throwing the newspaper with his mother in the heat of West Florida. Music by Hearts Gone South.