Sean Dietrich

Blessings | Sean of the South

A story of summer rains, elderly barbers, hardware stores, and meeting everyday people who make the world go round. Music by Brandon Lee Adams.

American Angels | Sean of the South

A story of old men with too much time on their hands, porch sitting, chewing the fat, and the ever-present Piggly Wiggly. Music by Songs from the Road Band.

Southern Hopsitality | Sean of the South

Sean discusses the current state of Southern English, followed by the tale of a man who encounters the hospitality of his own people. Music by Greensky Bluegrass.

Sweet Home Alabama | Sean of the South

A girl returns to the place of her beginning, after a lifetime living out West, she crosses the Alabama border and rediscovers what it means to be home. Old-time fiddle music by Tricia Spencer and Howard Rains.

Fourth of July | Sean of the South

Sean sits behind a moderately out-of-tune grand piano and performs with his band of 16 years, the Boiled Peanuts, then settle in to hear the story of a hometown 4th of July among simple people who eat too much potato salad. Music by the Boiled Peanuts.

Kansas | Sean of the South

Prairies, wheat, and small towns no bigger than area rugs. Sean visits the land of his father and meets strangers along the way, discovering who he came from, and how life isn’t all that different over in Kansas. Music by Kansas’ own Truckstop Honeymoon.

Baptist Angels | Sean of the South

The summer story of church supper on the grounds, helping a few people in need, and what it means to eat food at a Baptist potluck. Music by South Carolina’s own Backline Bluegrass.

Daddy’s Grave | Sean of the South

Sean takes a long trip into the stunning Rocky Mountains of Colorado, to visit his father’s resting place on top Pike’s Peak, and to say goodbye. Music by Colorado’s own, Thunder and Rain.

Story Tellers | Sean of the South

Around a campfire, stories abound. and so do memories. Ghost stories, tales of camping trips, tents full of Little Leaguers, and just plain old nostalgia. Sean tells the tale of where his stories come from. Music by The Lonesome Days.

Andy’s Birthday | Sean of the South

Andy Griffith’s birthday episode, celebrating his 92nd birthday. Sean Dietrich offers a story of Mayberry, olden times, and the devilish yellow flies of North Florida and South Alabama. Music by Appalachian Trail bluegrass band.