Sean Dietrich

Good Friends | Sean of the South

The story of boys and girls, and teenage romance, and the friends that get us through our awkward moments. Music by the Pressley Sisters.

Family Reunion | Sean of the South

Sean delivers the story about a family reunion on the bay, and the downhome food that goes with it. Music by Simon Robinson.

O Florida | Sean of the South

Welcome to West Florida, a giant swamp with more memories than you can shake a stick at. Music by Redwood River Band.

Antique Phones | Sean of the South

Sean tells a story about the slow and docile world that came before smart phones and computers. Music by Big Cedar Fever.

The Newspaper | Sean of the South

Sean recounts the story of his younger days, throwing the newspaper with his mother in the heat of West Florida. Music by Hearts Gone South.

Summer Baseball | Sean of the South

The stroy of a baseball game, a chubby child, and kindness toward those who become unlikely friends. Music by Giri and Uma Peters.

Old Music | Sean of the South

Sean recalls the story of a special birthday gift, and the people who believe in us along the way. Music by Xaris Waltman.

Baptist Camping Trip | Sean of the South

Sean delivers a story of a camping trip with a small-town men’s Bible study group. Music by the Monocle Band.

Rainy Days | Sean of the South

Sean talks about the simple pleasures of sitting on a porch, and listening to rain. Music by Beg Steal or Borrow.

Homegrown Tomatoes | Sean of the South

Celebrate the Fourth of July with music, laughter, and homegrown tomatoes. Sean delivers a tale about the red fruit that makes the world a better place. Music by Unspoken Tradition.