Rainy Days | Sean of the South

Sean talks about the simple pleasures of sitting on a porch, and listening to rain. Music by Beg Steal or Borrow.

Homegrown Tomatoes | Sean of the South

Celebrate the Fourth of July with music, laughter, and homegrown tomatoes. Sean delivers a tale about the red fruit that makes the world a better place. Music by Unspoken Tradition.

Homecoming | Sean of the South

The Sean of the South Podcast makes its summer return, and Sean delivers the story of a funeral for an unexpected furry friend. Music by Trout Steak Revival.

75th Episode | Sean of the South

Celebrating 75 episodes, which nobody thought was possible, and the story of Sean’s humble beginnings. Music by the British bluegrass legends of Clark Zuppardi Hartley.

Church Lady | Sean of the South

Sean tells the story of an elderly woman who embodies the bygone era, and of the nostalgia surrounding that world. Music by Sean’s friends, the Chatham Rabbits.

Lower Alabama | Sean of the South

Celebrate Mardi Gras with a trip to L.A., (Lower Alabama) and meet the old people who make the region what it is. Music by the Late Risers.

Old Kentucky Home | Sean of the South

Marriages that endure the years to become precious rarities in today’s world. Music by the Gap Civil Old Time Band.

Cowboys | Sean of the South

Sean tells the story of a boy who always wanted to be a cowboy, and the colorful trips that lead children into adulthood. Music by the Farmer and Adele.

I Love You | Sean of the South

The end of winter is nearing, and Sean tells a tale of weddings, and those who become the great loves of our lives. Music by the Carolina Blue Band.

Always on my Mind | Sean of the South

Sean delivers the tale of strangers meeting on a highway, and the Georgia two-lanes that lead toward destinations unknown. Music by the Chatham Rabbits.